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The Collaborative Graduate Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics Work-in-Progress 2013-2014 Seminar Series will consist of meetings either every other Monday at 12 noon - 1 pm starting 10 March 2014 in the Red Seminar Room on the second floor of the Terrence Donnelly CCBR at 160 College St with lunch being provided. Contact GBB student rep for further information.


  • Please provide a title and abstract to , two weeks prior to your speaking date. These will be posted on the GBB website and sent to the GBB mailing list prior to your talk.
  • Please select 8-10 GBB Faculty whom you'd like to attend your seminar (check out the Faculty List or Faculty Research Areas to help with this decision), and let know who these are. We will then encourage at least these faculty members to attend as part of their GBB commitment.
  • GBB Students are required to attend 75% of GBB WiP seminars. Sign-in is required. And please come prepared to ask questions!
  • We will continue with the "instant evaluations" by seminar attendees: please note one positive aspect of the student's seminar and one aspect for improvement anonymously on a piece of paper, and provide this to the student at the end of the seminar. This was considered a successful initiative last year.

Check out the Toronto Bioinformatics User Group, TorBUG. The inaugural seminar for the 2013-2014 academic year was on the 25th of September at 4 pm, and continues throughout the school year on the last Wednesday of each month. Special student-only discussion sessions with the guest speaker prior to these seminars are a great way to get insider tips. And the informal sessions following the monthly TorBUG seminars are a great way to meet and network with your colleagues!

Google Calendar for the GBB Program and TorBUG


Seminar archives. Invited Speakers. Wiki-code for a new calendar may be generated here.

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