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The Collaborative Specialization in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics

Genome-scale biology relies on the integration of computational, theoretical, biochemical, structural, cell biological and genetic approaches. The Collaborative Specialization in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics addresses this need for cooperation with a coherent course of study that educates and trains doctoral graduate students across these diverse disciplines.

  • About - About the GBB
  • Admission - How to become a student member of the Program, and Program requirements
  • Students - Current student members and Program info
  • Faculty - Current faculty members and membership info
  • Seminars - Work-in-progress seminars
  • Meetings - Meetings of interest to GBB members
  • Administration - Policies, Program Committee members, etc.
  • Resources - Resources and links of interest
  • Wiki Help - How to edit this Wiki

Further information can be obtained by checking out the overarching site describing Activities in Bioinformatics, Computational and Genome-scale Biology at the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals and institutes at An extensive FAQs page there may be of use.

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