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News: congratulations to our recent graduates Simon Eng and Cedoljub Bundalovic-Torma.

The Collaborative Graduate Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics

Genome-scale biology relies on the integration of computational, theoretical, biochemical, structural, cell biological and genetic approaches. The Collaborative Graduate Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics addresses this need for cooperation with a coherent course of study that educates and trains doctoral graduate students across these diverse disciplines.

  • About - About the CGPGBB
  • Admission - How to become a student member of the Program, and Program requirements
  • Students - Current student members and Program info
  • Faculty - Current faculty members and membership info
  • Seminars - Work-in-progress seminars
  • Meetings - Meetings of interest to CGPGBB members
  • Administration - Policies, Program Committee members, etc.
  • Resources - Resources and links of interest
  • Wiki Help - How to edit this Wiki

Further information can be obtained by checking out the overarching site describing Activities in Bioinformatics, Computational and Genome-scale Biology at the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals and institutes at An extensive FAQs page there may be of use.

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