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MaRS, 101 College St., East Tower, 15-704
416-813-7654 ext. 1457

My research interests are focused on the use of comparative approaches to understanding the evolution and operation of biomolecular pathways and networks. Two complementary approaches are used. In the first, we use genome and partial genome datasets (derived from collation of expressed sequence tag - ESTs) to perform comprehensive cross species comparisons in attempts to define the genes and systems that underpin unique biologies. Central to these studies is the availability of a unique in-house sequence resource that automatically processes ESTs on a specific specific basis to provide a non-redundant list of genes associated with over 450 different eukaryotes (see In the second approach, we use computational modelling to perform real time simultions of biomolecular processes. Current projects within the lab include: - Global comparisons of gene complements and biomolecular pathways - Metabolic pathway comparisons within parasites - Evolutionary analyses of biological networks derived from protein-protein interaction data (in collaboration with Dr Andrew Emili) - Sequence-structure-function relationships of elastin (in collaboration with Dr Fred Keeley) - Computational simulations of metabolism and signal transduction A number of our tools and databases can be found through links at our website.

Parkinson lab website

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