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Following a Town-Hall meeting in May 2006, a survey was taken regarding potential changes to the program. Thanks to the 39 members who responded to the survey. This reflects a response rate of approximately 66%. The Faculty profiles have been updated based on the descriptions, research organisms and research areas submitted by those who did so. Based on the town-hall meeting and this survey, a suggested list of improvements to move the Program forward will be presented to the Program Committee in August 2006.

Question 1: Program Appeal

File:CGB Survey Q1 July2006.gif


  1. I personally had timing and scheduling problems to get really started on this program.
  2. The 2 additional course requirements make the program less attractive to students. Can student substitute these course for their departmental required course?
  3. 2010 is a great course, should be core - 2020 seems to lack a focus and may be better served as one of several acceptable electives to choose from - the internship is a good idea but possibly too long in duration or even inconvenient under some scenarios
  4. I think that the course requirements need some rethinking. I like the traineeship.
  5. I like having required courses for the program. JTB2010 is a great course, but JTB2020 is very much NOT a good course. The program will be better served changing JTB2020 into form like JTB2010-more of a "current topics" or survey course, covering a wide range of computational techniques. I strongly disagree with the 4 month traineeship requirement. Unless the traineeship takes place in a collaborating lab, where I would work on a different aspect of fundamentally the same project, I would not want to "waste" 4 months away from my primary project.
  6. I think the JTB courses are good. The 4 month traineeship is a detriment. We should replace this with a rotation program when students first enter grad school i.e. we must make this an M.Sc. program.
  7. Don't have any students in the program; extra courses and traineeship may be inhibiting, particularly in departments with a rotation system (already have 3 training periods in other labs)
  8. I am enthusiastic about the 2 course requirements, but the 4 month traineeship may be too much to ask. Instead, there could be the requirement of a collaborative project across 2 disciplines leading to a publication, which could be implemented as a 4 month traineeship or something else more flexible.
  9. 4 month traineeship is onerous and unnecessary

Question 2: Name Change

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  1. Systems Biology
  2. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (to match the undergrad program)
  3. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  4. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  5. Program in Genomics, Proteomics and Computational Biology
  6. Genome Sciences

Question 3: Student/Faculty Benefits

File:CGB Survey Q3 July2006.gif


  1. Provisional acceptance at MSc level.
  2. Student accounts for wiki
  3. Integrate with other existing courses; have grad departments buy into rotations for students in program
  4. Courses need to count towards home department course requirements

Question 4: Area of Specialization

File:CGB Survey Q4 July2006.gif


  1. device development for primary information collection.
  2. structural biology
  3. Genome stability/dynamics
  4. Structural biology, Enzymology
  5. Structural biology and cell signaling
  6. metabolism
  7. Structural Biology
  8. Protein-Protein Interactions, Protein Folding
  9. Structural Genomics

Question 5: Organism of Research Focus

File:CGB Survey Q5 July2006.gif


  1. E. coli
  2. cancer genomics
  3. Viruses
  4. prokaryotes
  5. microbes
  6. any arganism
  7. Parasites / Apicomplexa
  8. Hamster
  9. bacteria (Pseudomonads)
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