Mark Moon


Mark Moon

Supervisor: Peter Liu, Institute of Medical Science

Proposed collaborative internship with: Gary Bader

Heart failure (HF) is the cardiovascular epidemic of the 21st century. The goal of our research program is to explore novel pathways leading to heart failure, so that it can be effectively prevented. Bioinformatic tools are used to identify the novel target to study, possible players of the progression of disease, interactions and networks among players and screening tools like biomarker. In my study, my novel target, mindin, has been identified to markedly change in heart failure through microarray analysis. Mindin is a new member of the Mindin-F-spondin family of proteins that is highly conserved in evolution. It is expressed in heart and seems to mediate innate immunity. The aims of this research are first to identify the functions of mindin in cardiac remodeling and cardiac failure due to MI, second to determine the pathways that mindin is involved (includes mindin’s interactions with other players), third to identify the potential therapeutic intervention of mindin and fourth to identify the potential usage of mindin as a biomarker. Mindin’s target will be identified first with in silico analysis of mindin’s gene and protein sequences, then mindin’s interaction with potential targets will be analyzed by high throughput proteomic analysis. Microarrays and mass-specs can be used to identify mindin’s potential usage as a biomarker.

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