Julie Forman-Kay


Julie Forman-Kay
Hospital for Sick Children, Research Institute, Room 3421F

Structural and Dynamic Studies of Proteins: We are involved in the NMR structural, dynamic and binding studies of a number of proteins, including modular binding domains (ie WW, FF and SH3 domains) in complex with target proteins. Some of these proteins include domains of the Smurf2 and Nedd4 ubiquitin ligases and the Eph tyrosine kinase.
Disordered States of Proteins: We are calculating possible structures sampled by the drk SH3 unfolded state. We use the resulting structures within an ENSEMBLE calculation to generate an ensemble of structures which best represents the unfolded state. We are also continuing to study this state using different experimental approaches, including paramagnetic relaxation enhancement. Other disordered proteins with defined biological roles are also being characterized, including the cell cycle regulator Sic1 and the breast cancer protein gamma-synuclein.
Domains of CFTR: We are doing structural, dynamic and binding studies of domains of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, including the nucleotide binding domains and the disordered regulatory (R) domain.

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