Jonathan So


Jonathan So

Supervisor: Anthony Pawson, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, enrolled in Institute of Medical Science

WiP Seminar, 21-Oct-2008

Investigating Cellular Decision-Making in Apoptosis

Networks of kinases play a role in the transmission and integration of signals from the membrane to the nucleus. We aim to elucidate kinase phosphorylation and interaction partners in these networks through the immuno-precipitation and mass spectrometric analysis of a representative set of 100 Flag-tagged kinases stably expressed in human colorectal cancer cells. The goal is to generate a comprehensive set of interactions and dynamic phosphorylation sites which correlate with cell phenotypes such as apoptosis and proliferation. The techniques of mass-spectrometry have allowed for the identification of proteins and their phosphorylation sites in complex samples. However, kinases usually work in the context of particular signaling stimuli. We aim to characterize the role of these over-expressed kinases in the context of Trail-induced apoptosis. This is particularly relevant to tumorigenesis in that many cancers are resistant to apoptosis and recombinant Trail therapies are currently undergoing clinical trials. We present assays to correlate the proliferative ability and sensitivity to apoptosis of various stable cell lines with kinase expression levels through flow cytometry. We also present efforts to trace downstream signaling through the monitoring of MAP kinase phosphorylation using a high-throughput bead array.

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