Jonathan Olsen


Jonathan Olsen

Supervisors: Andrew Emili

Collaborative Internship with: Shoshana Wodak

Registered in: Department of Molecular Genetics

My research focuses on interactions among chromatin-associated proteins with particular emphasis on core methylation systems. Histone methyltransferases are important regulators of chromatin structure and gene expression programs and are key determinants of cell fate and function. Several families of histone methyltransferases are encoded by the human genome with distinct catalytic and functional properties. To identify interactors for these enzymes, I am applying an affinity capture LC-MS/MS approach using two complementary proteomics approaches: lentiviral-based TAP-tagging and phage-derived synthetic antibodies. Systematic analysis of interacting partners for these enzymes will improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying histone methylation and transcriptional regulation.

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