The Wiki concept

Wiki sites are collections of Web pages that allow you to view, edit and create pages from your browser, there is no need for special technology and basic editing is simple and intuitive.

The basic flow of information is straightforward:

  • Register and browse.
  • Whenever you find something that you can improve, edit it.
  • Whenever you find something that you would like to comment on, click on the "discussion" tab and share your views.
  • If you are interested in what becomes of your edits or the discussion, click on the "watch" tab, and the page will be added to an list of bookmarks to [[Special:Watchlist pages you are "watching"]. (You can even generate an RSS feed for recent changes or new pages).

No e-mail, no obligations. Do what you like, when you like, what you can.

Sections on the CGB Wiki

What can be found in the Organization, Project and Resource sections.

Types of pages


A brief discussion of article pages.


A brief discussion of the relationship of articles and discussion.


Stubs are pages or sections on pages that have not yet been fully written and as such do not yet contain truly useful information, besides the fact that the page or section exists. Far from being useless, a stub is the first step an article takes on its course to becoming complete.

A good stub article should minimally define the title and purpose of the page or section, so it is clear what it should be about and someone can usefully add to the page.

Once the stub has been properly expanded, you or anyone else can remove the stub tag. No formal permission is needed.

After writing (or encountering) the page, you should insert a stub template. See the Editing page for details.

Special Pages

A brief explanation of special pages.

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