Fritz Roth


Fritz Roth
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Designing and interpreting large-scale experiments to understand pathway structure and its relationship to phenotype and human disease.

Current experimental interests:

  • Exploiting parallel sequencing technology to phenotype all pairwise gene deletion combinations in S. cerevisiae, with initial application to genes involved in transcription.
  • Generation of S. cerevisiae strains carrying dozens of chosen targeted deletions, with initial application to delete all ABC transporters imparting multidrug resistance.
  • Targeted insertion of gene sets encoding entire human pathways into S. cerevisiae, with initial application to genes involved in drug metabolism.

Current computational interests:

  • Systematic analysis of genetic interaction to reveal redundant systems and order of action in genetic pathways
  • Integrating large-scale studies — including phenotype, genetic epistasis, protein-protein and transcription-regulatory interactions and sequence patterns — to quantitatively assign function to genes and guide experimentation and disease association studies.
  • Alternative splicing and its relationship to protein interaction networks.
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