Dinesh Christendat


Dinesh Christendat
Earth Sciences Centre, Room 4052

My research group focuses on the regulation of metabolic pathways in plants and microbes. Specifically, our goal is to understand the regulation of the shikimate pathway in plants. In plants, this pathway serves as the route for the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, isoflavonoids , coumarins etc. The shikimate pathway is not found in animals and humans which makes it an attractive target for the development of herbicides and antimicrobial compounds. Metabolic engineering of the pathway in crop plants is also desirable for the enrichment of flavonoids and isoflavonoids, due to their numerous health benefits. My group is specialized in biochemistry/molecular biology and structural biology techniques. In most instances, my students utilize protein crystallography, enzymology, bioinformatics analysis, microarray analysis and proteomics techniques to study the enzymes of shikimate pathway.

Christendat lab website http://www.botany.utoronto.ca/ResearchLabs/Christendat_Lab/enter.html

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