David Shih


David Shih

Supervisor: Michael Taylor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Proposed collaborative internship with: Gary Bader

Entered into home PhD program: January, 2011

My overall objective is to analyze various types of high-throughput data on medulloblastoma samples for the purposes of understanding different mechanisms of tumourigenesis, classifying tumour samples into biologically relevant subtypes, and identifying common and divergent disruptions of signalling pathways.

To this end, I am devising and implementing strategies to integrate various sources of data including SNP array, expression array, and in the future, RNA-seq data. I will help refine existing molecular subtypes of medulloblastoma, and determine how the molecular subtypes differ in terms of disrupted genes and pathways, with the hopes of developing therapeutic strategies specific for each subtype. I will further determine how medulloblastoma changes in response to treatment, by comparing the genetic profiles of primary and recurrent tumours, and subsequently inferring aberrations in signalling networks.

In later stages of the project, the bioinformatic predictions will be validated using medublastoma cell lines and mouse models.

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