David Irwin


David Irwin
100 College St.
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1L5

We are interested in the biology and history of the proglucagon gene. The proglucagon gene encodes several hormones that are important in human physiology. Despite its importance little is known about the regulation of the human gene for proglucagon, and less is known about the origin of mthe differnt functions of the gene. We have initiated studies on the tissue-specific expression of the human proglucagon gene using in vitro and in vivo methods. To better understand the origin of the biological functions of proglucagon we have characterized proglucagon sequences (genes and cDNAs) from a number of vertebrate species and discovered novel methods that can be used to regulate hormone production by this gene. Hormone action also depends upon receptors for the hormones. We also have studies examining the family of receptors for the hormones encoded by the proglucagon gene.

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