Claudia Chemisso dos Santos


Claudia Chemisso dos Santos

Thoracic Surgery Research
Toronto General Hospital
200, Elizabeth St. MBRC 3-902
Toronto, ON
M5G 1L7, Canada
Tel: (416) 340-4400 (6596)
Fax: (416) 340-4638

My research interest is in Molecular Critical Care Medicine. I am a translational biologist and in my lab we work with human, animal and cellular models of tissue injury and host response. There are two main areas of focus in the lab:

(1) mechanotransduction: the ability of cells to sense and respond to mechanical force and the interaction between biophysical and biochemical forces in determining patient outcome in the intensive care unit. In the ICU a primary example of mechanotransduction is ventilator induced lung injury;

(2) multiorgan failure: the development of overwhelming responses to injury (or failure to repair) that ultimately leads to distal organ failure and death. The two primary injury models are acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis. My research is patient centered, we use different models and exploit whole throughput strategies to identify biological markers of tissue injury and host response to identify new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of the critically ill. Laboratory validation using drugs, siRNA and genetic deficient animals is a primary part of our work in the lab.

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